Friday, January 25, 2013

Dream world: The woman in white

a woman in a white dress 
stands among gray, leafless trees in green grass
white daisies spattered here and there
she peers beyond the trees
past the line of small orangey sunflowers
curiosity, wonder and excitement intermingle in the air


  1. So lovely, I can feel the wonder and excitement in this :) and I see we both chose inspiring feminine images for small stones today!

  2. Thank you Jade. It does appear we were on the same inspiring theme today... :-)

  3. I love the imagery of what she sees and the excitement in the air... Who is this lady? You?

  4. Yes, as I interpret the dream, I believe she is meant to be me. it is how I'm feeling at the moment after committing to something scary I've wanted to do all my life. :-)