Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Tabby Tease

Our neighborhood tabby wanders our back yard.
He's in no hurry; he's calm, relaxed,
Exploring here and there, pouncing on the occasional leaf.
A dog barks from behind the fence.
The tabby considers the frantic dog momentarily, 
then chooses this moment to bathe. 
He teases the poor animal into a frenzy, then moves to the next yard as if nothing has happened. 


  1. Sounds like a courageous tabby. We have one at home.. But he's an indoor cat. ;-)

  2. I think he plays this game with most of the neighborhood dogs. I can usually tell his arrival by the frantic sound of the barking! Funny how we become accustomed to the neighborhood comings and goings. :-)

  3. One of our cats did this to 2 Samoyeds we were keeping while friends were out of the country for several months. Kept us quite entertained.

  4. I think this is part of a cat's education, entitled how to drive the dogs nuts! :-)