Friday, February 8, 2013


My mind is unfocused
unable to stay the task
as random thoughts
parade past my mind's eye


  1. Perhaps we shared that same 'unfocuse'?
    As last night I tripped...Oh I'm OK -
    Might have broken a toe though. Not much you can do for toes. Better than stepping on a rake and whack - two black eyes...I've done that too!

    Thanks for stopping by the garland cinquain.

    1. I'm glad you're ok. Sorry about the toe, though. I've done that a time or two myself...

      I loved your garland chinquain. I have to admit to not knowing all the different varieties of poetry, other than haiku. But I am definitely enjoying the learning process! :-)

    2. I have some different forms a couple of different pages on the small verse site. I started a folder with instructions to different forms that I never learned in school. The different prompt sites also have directions to try new things. But I don't always follow the rules...I'm a rebel that way.

      Not sure if the toe is broken but it is sporting all sorts of purples and pinks.

    3. Thanks Jules. I've been researching the different sites and collecting info. It's coming along, albeit showily...

      The toe sounds painful! I hope it heals soon... :-o

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