Saturday, February 23, 2013

Castle Shelter

Image from Google Images
born into castles strong
lovingly sheltered from trials
in a world we do not yet know
but stones begin to crumble 
towers fall from view
as inner battles commence
toward the realities of our life

sheltered in castles
towers crumble with the weight
of life's knowledge gained


  1. fascinating the way you summarize the first verse in so many less words....both verypowerful....

  2. Castles...If only the time and effort used to make them was used to help the masses... so many rooms for so few. I watch a show about the castle that is used for the series (I forget the name) the current Earl and his wife actually get paid to use the place for the 'set' - he basically said they need the money for the up keep. They also give tours. Can you imagine living in and owning the possessions of hundreds of people over hundreds of years. Mind boggling.

    1. So many of them have been turned into hotels and B&B's, museums, and the like. I love the tours, though. I enjoy getting a feel for how life was "way back when". :-)

  3. I like this very much...thank you for sharing.