Monday, February 18, 2013

Frost and Ice

Photo from MS clip gallery

Carpe Diem Prompt: Iceberg

Frosty tension is common in those who do not know,
massive iceberg typical in those who do not wish to know.
The thaw is quicker for the Frosties, 
sometimes hours, sometimes days.
Icebergs take much longer,
sometimes years, often never.

massive icebergs norm
in those who don't wish to know
thaws often never


  1. I confess to a bit of confusion here. Are you saying that people who don't wish to know are icebergs? Some clarification would help. Thanks so much!

    Crow and Iceberg

    1. Thanks, Mark, for stopping by. The meaning is a very personal one for me. Thanks to experiences most don't seem to experience (or so I'm told), I am far from the ideal woman/wife/mother figure this conservative area is accustomed to seeing. I don't suffer fools gladly, and I have no time for fake social niceties. Some people I meet are "frosty" until they get to know me. They eventually "thaw" and accept that I'm different and life goes on. Others tend to enclose themselves in an "iceberg", even refusing to talk to me, which means they never really get to know me, and make it very hard to work with them. Recently, I have been asked to work on a project with one of these "icebergs", and she is making things very tough indeed.

      Hope this helps. I'll look at this one further to see if there's a way to make it clearer...

  2. Thank you for the explaination it helped me understand, The haiku summarize it well.

  3. your verse is all more powerful knowing that it's personal...