Thursday, February 21, 2013

3 Prompts, Verse and Haiku

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Haiku Circle Prompt: Sorrow

a rare weather day
first in two years
children dance happy
no school today!
no sorrow here

bad weather
children dance happy
no sorrow

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Carpe Diem Prompt: Courage

ice thick on the roads
courage and skill to drive safe
accidents occur

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NaHaiWriMo Prompt: Living Room

freezing rain, fierce wind
the living room is cozy
fire blazes warmth 


  1. Perhaps the real courage is to realize that staying in the cozy living room is the way to go when the roads are icy!!

  2. When I was a lot younger,
    no weather would stop me,
    I thought that courage --
    the driving no matter what.

    Now I realize, like WabiSabi
    that staying in when fools
    venture out takes the courage.

    Thanks for sharing all three...
    I enjoyed them all, and the photos.

  3. One disadvantage of living on the rim of the suburbia is that there is little protection from the wind. Sometimes I think it doesn't take much to sound like the siding is going to rip right off. Though it doesn't. It does sound like an angry bear scratching though!

    1. We are a bit more protected here, but I remember grandparents house on the farm. A lot of whistles, whines and squeals. It was like being in a haunted house! :-)