Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Late Season Storm

Photo from MS image gallery
tension rises with the news
forecasting gloom and doom
for those in the path of the storm

grocery stores are packed with people
concerned about being stranded for days
in their homes without enough to get by

gloom and doom forecast
concern for being stranded
for those in storm's path


  1. Sometimes the forecast spreads unnecessary panic. A few years ago I heard the term of a 'French toast storm' because the first thing stores ran out of were bread, milk and eggs.

    Hope you've gotten your supplies.

    1. I'd never heard that term before...but accurate here in Downeaast Maine...and here in Maine, batteries and bottled water...because everyone wants to be prepared for a power outage. I friend has been without power for three days now...from "Plato".
      Thanks for the "French toast storm"... Love it.


    2. No disrespect intended but have y'all heard of the Georgia Method of Snow Removal?
      (Southern states are not always well prepared for the intermittent snow that they do get....)
      It is: "The Good Lord put it there, The Good Lord'll take it away."

      I lived in Indiana for a bit too and there was basically two seasons, summer and winter. The winters were cold, but little snow.

  2. I like that term "French toast storm"!

    Oh yes, all fitted up. The only thing I ever worry about is coffee. I buy it from a family owned market here, and they tend to close when the weather is bad (smarter than the chains I think). :-)