Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caterpillars and Heros

Carpe Diem prompt: Caterpillar

striped yellow and black
caterpillars enjoy the herbs
growing in the garden pots
growing enough for both of us
i enjoy the lovely show

caterpillars bright
chow down on growing herbs
in the garden pots

Photo from Google Images

Haiku Circle prompt: Hero

unsung hero
avoids spotlight bright
action over fame


  1. You're more generous than I. When critters chow down my garden plants, I declare war!

    1. I declare war on most of the plant eating critters, but I really like the butterflies, so... The exception is the tomato worms-they eat too much too fast... :-)

  2. Herbs eaten. Sounds bad. ;-) I like this

  3. Allowing the butterfly to chow down on herbs.... most Sage.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely post :)

  4. That almost looks like a Monarch Caterpillar, But if it was on parsley...I do believe it is a to be swallowtail - we had some the year before last. And while I planted parsley just for them - I didn't see any caterpillars this year though I did see yellow and black/purple (two different kinds) at my butterfly bushes last summer and fall.

    ...most sage...funny. :)

    We have rain this evening. I spent the day with my grandson. I'm tired! Good night.

    1. This one could be a Monarch. I took this particular photo at the Butterfly House hosted in my favorite park. They have butterflies and caterpillars of every variety common to he Ozarks. I didn't see as many this past summer either. It means I had more to dry for winter, but I missed them all the same...

      We had snow Monday and Tuesday. Enough to actually play in! Yeah!

      Thanks for stopping by Jules... :-)

    2. While they do look alike, A monarch would not be eating parsley...they have a very strict diet. Butterfly bush nectar, Milkweed and some other flowers I can't recall. Google swallowtail butterflies...you will see they do look similar.

      One summer we actually raised some monarchs from egg and itty bitty Caterpillars that we found on our milkweed plants. And gave them fresh milkweed leaves every day. Unfortunately it was both late in the season and they had a parasite that would not let them develop into butterflies. But we did have fun watching them get fat.

    3. We used to do that in school, but I could never keep them alive when I brought them in at home. Probably more an issue of neglect than anything else. I used to collect mildewed to use in flower arrangements, but there has been a war on "noxious weeds" over the years and its been a long time since I've seen any... :-(

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks again Kristjaan. I appreciate your kind comments. :-)

  6. The caterpillar is such a remarkable creature and transforms into a beautiful butterfly. I've always loved the meaning and magic.