Monday, February 25, 2013

Crows, Snow and the Moon

Photo from Google Images

Carpe Diem Prompt: Full Snow Moon

dying light succumbs 
to a full snow moon
shining down from the heavens
on the crows' last search
in new fallen snow

crows' last search
newly fallen snow
full snow moon


  1. the photograph and the poem speak / I just need to listen

  2. I am hoping I'll get to see the snow didn't quite look full last eve. We've got a week of fog/ clouds rolling in. I did see it around 3 am.

    Thanks for your visits to my wordle and story. My Muse has been faithful. :)

  3. Thank you Jules. No moons here, full or otherwise. We're seeing nothing but rain and snow at the moment. Ugh... :-(

  4. I remember this one... Love that snow moon as a visual. Has it been this long since I stopped by? Good Lord!