Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dance with the Dead

Haiku Circle prompt: Wrong

Today's prompt immediately brought forward the memory of a friend who passed away quite young. He told me it was wrong to die when he had not lived, and that he did not want to dance with the dead. He told me once that the dead live in the ruins of their lives, hence the photo above. 

this dance with the dead
it's so very wrong, you know
for life not yet lived


  1. All of Mexico seems to dance with the dead. A visit to a Mexican cemetery is anything but a sombre experience!

    Cold Snap

  2. True. A dance with the dead is a celebration of life in Mexico. Many of my students have shared stories and photos that speak of parties for their loved ones. :-)

  3. There are many stories about how there are different beliefs concerning death. This reminded me of that movie...something like the three souls you'll meet in heaven. I hope that your friend is dancing with joy.

  4. What a sad story and an apropos haiku... Sorry about your friend.